Trees around the park

We are lucky to have a wide variety of trees growing and thriving across the area of the park, both through the woodlands and edging the open spaces. On this page you can read some tree-related stories and find some resources to help you identify the trees on your visits to the park. We have also posted some of our latest tree photos. Scroll down to explore...

May 2021 - some of our trees were making a great show of their blossom. 
Can you identify the trees? May, Wych Elm, Horse Chestnut and Apple?


26th January 2021

The old Goat Willow tree at the meadow end of Puma Path was becoming dangerous due to the main stems rotting at the base. A couple of stems have fallen away from the stump last summer and more were very likely to do the same in the very near future. As children regularly climb the tree it was deemed necessary, though reluctantly, to coppice the tree before someone got hurt. Although the stumps are in a stage of decay it is hoped that it will eventually produce some regrowth regardless.


The Great Ash Strike

During a storm in 2019 one of the Ash trees, at the edge of St James Recreation field, was struck by lightning and had to be carefully cut-down. These pictures show the damage, the cutting and the re-growth on the remaining trunk left behind. 

The damage caused by the lightning
Close up showing how the lightning sliced through the trunk
Val admires the lovely pile of logs skillfully created by Fred
who carefully cut down the damaged branches.
The debris is removed.
The remaining trunk is left to re-grow.
Have a look next time you're out to see how it is coming along. 

Use these pictures below to try and identify the trees you see...